DIY Kit Includes:
* Pool 52” wall Kit, 52’ wall, with hardware
* Acrylic French Curve Steps
* Custom Print in-ground 20 mil liner
* 1 skimmer , returns & 100 feet of 1 1/2 flex hose
*  6 no diving tile for the cement

$2500 Accessory Package includes:
* Hayward 1 hp Super Pump
* 300 lb. Pro Series sand filter 4 bags Vitro clean
* Hayward in line chlorinator
* 3’ x 6’ equipment pad,
* Intermatic sub panel with timer
* 4 bend Stainless Steel handrail and 2 escutcheons
* Solar Cover with solar cover real
* 100 ft #8 copper bonding wire and 10 connectors
* Start up chemicals and test strips

Profession maintenance equipment:    
* Pentair fiberglass pole

     * Red Baron deep net
     * Roller vacuum attachment
     * Vacuum brush attachment
     * Deluxe Vacuum hose

Installation Includes:
* Excavation
* Hauling dirt away,
* Installation pool with concrete collar
* Equipment installed 30 Ft. or closer from the pool

Concrete decking, winter covers, lights heaters are extra. You must apply for the permit .  We do not run electric to the pump and gas to heater.  You also must have truck access and dirt disposal fee may apply. Extra charge may be incurred for tight space, travel time, long runs to the equipment pad, etc.  Credit will be given if you want to provide any of the activities with your own contractor.

Sale $19,995  15’ x 30’ Oval in-ground Sports Pool
The best deal around– just compare
Includes: DIY Pool Kit , Accessory Package and Installation 1-800-729-1705 cell 1-630-728-6155

For the price of a good above ground oval pool and a nice wood deck you instead can have this great looking fully in-ground pool in your back yard.   The Sport Pool is also better than an traditional in-grounds because it has a flat bottom and 52” wall so the whole pool is deep and usable.  Most in-ground have a 42 inch tall wall on the shallow end then a sharp slope to the hopper for diving.  This is worthless! The shallow end is too shallow to do anything in, and the deep end it only good for diving. Worse yet they cost way more.  The  Sport pool is perfect for Volleyball, basketball, laps or just relaxing. Many of the big Box pools stores (The Great Mistake in particular) sells the Radiant pool and the Oasis pool.  Since the Oasis can only be sunk in the ground  32 inches, I will stick the price comparison to the Radiant Pool.  Below are only a few of the reasons the Sport Pool is a better value.

The Sport Pool is the better value

15’ x 30’ Sport Pool

Coolestpools price $19,995

15’ x 30’ Radiant

“The Great Mistake”  cash price $14,959

Includes full  52” of excavation

Price only includes 32 inches, extra digging is extra

Includes Hauling dirt away

Hauling dirt away is extra

Include Hayward in-ground self priming

1 hp Super Pump and 300 lb Pro Series top mount sand filter, filled with Vitro clean that filters better and backwashed easier.

That’s $450 extra, the they will try and give you a cheap cartridge filter. Vito who?

Includes steps Acrylic French

That’s $4500 extra

Includes Solar cover real and better

That’s extra

Includes intermatic Sub panel with timer


Includes 3’ x 6’ Equipment pad

None, your equipment will soon be in mud

Includes 4 bend Stainless Steel hand rail, escutcheon and cups to concrete in


Includes code compliance electrical safety bonding of pool wall to equipment to pass local inspections

None, just ask them they will have no idea

In-ground  quality liner with custom print

What ever is on the self

Installer has 15 year experience

Installer as 15 weeks,  maybe ?

We will trench in water lines so equipment can be closer to the house, this looks better, is more convenient and save you $ on the electrical and gas installation

Equipment has to be close to the pool, this look cheap, extra for this feature if they if even do it.

Made from 14 gage galvanized steel with a concrete collar

May explode anytime, probably in the dead of winter, think of the memories !

Most Common Options  to Consider




150K Hayward H Series Heater



200K Hayward H Series Heater



Hayward Salt to Chlorine  generator



LED Colored Light



Anchor 5 Star Solid Winter Cover  w/cover pump


Blue Pearl Auto Cleaner


Concrete and Pavers call Javier 847-668-6862


Auto Covers Call Pool Cover Pros 815-933-8352


$6500 +

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Sport Pool