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The first step when considering a swimming pools is :

1. Get your plat of survey.† Make sure you know your variances if you have them and know property lines.

2. Contact your municipality and get a copy of your local building codes and permit application.† Find out how far off the property lines you have to be, if concrete is include in this calculation and if some of the variance can be cover with concrete.† How far from the house you have to be.† Also if you have a septic field, most require you to be 25 feet from the septic field.† Find out if concrete can cover a portion of it.†

3. Call Julie 1-800-892-0123 to find out where your utility lines are.† In general the water has to be 10 feet horizontally away from† and 17 feet straight distance from overhead power lines and the pool has to be 5 feet away from underground power lines.† Check with your codes it may vary.

Try and have these this available before you call for an estimate, especially if you have a small yard.† I have patterns of the most popular pools that I can lay out in your yard so you can get an idea of how much room it will take up.†† To avoid any upcharges it is also best to have an opening of at least 9 feet for dump truck to get through and it is preferable if we donít have to cross a driveway or sidewalk.† You are also going to need a electric contractor, a plumber to hook up the gas, you may also need a fence guy and landscaper. If you want to save some money you may also want to find your own concrete guy.† Depending on where you live I have some names that will help you out.†In most case, I have the homeowner apply for the permit.† I will help you along the way and register as a contractor and post a bond if needed (as well as the other subcontractors) after the permit has been approved.† Also when getting bids on the project especially the pool try and get the to itemize so you can compare.† Most of the time the give you a total but what one guy have in his bid someone else does not.†† The site to the right are where you can down load spec on the pump, heater, filter and light if you village required them.




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