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The basic pool package with installation includes: White shell installed with sump pit , excavation, back filled materials, hauling the materals  away, 1 skimmer, 2 returns and  1 HP Hayward super pump, 200lb sand filter,  pad 30 feet or less from swimming pool with flex hose ran in trench, maintenance kit which includes a professional fiberglass telescopic pole, flex head vacuum head, vacuum brush, vacuum hose, handrail cups on a rail, handrail with escusion, ladder cup son a rail, bonding, intermatic sub panel with timer, solar cover, start up chemicals chlorine and cynaric acid, test strips, power vacuuming of pool


Latitude Contractor Special $18,995

Shopping for a nice fiberglass pool and want to keep the cost down and you are able to do some of the installation your self? I am your guy. This is the most popular pool I sell! This includes a white shell with a lifetime warranty, delivery within 250 miles, my expertise during the dig, installation of the shell, sump pit, with 1 skimmer and 2 returns, and 200 feet of flex hose attached. You must provide and pay for the excavator, trucks to haul the dirt away, backfill materials and apply for the permits and I will register as a contractor if needed. Pumps, filters, heater, lights, colored gel coat finish are all available at additional cost.

Latitude with basic installation $25,995

Latitude Options

Colored Shell


Heater  Hayward 150,000 BTU Low Nox


Heater Hayward 200,0000 BTU Low Nox


Savi Melody Light each


Solid winter covered installed w cover pump


Concrete per square foot


Cantilever decking forms installed


Salt to chlorine generator






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