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We started out 10 years ago installing above ground swimming pools for all of the local pool stores. Since then we have installed over 2000 of them. The best of them are difficult for a homeowner to install. The worst of them have cheap paint that fades quickley, exposed sharp edges, thin top ledges that bend, and blow over during installation with the least amount of wind. But I absolutely love the King George and our deck pool. If you admire quality you will love it too. Everyone who has bought one was happy that they spent the extra money.  The only problem with this pool is describing it to people.  I have described these as an above-ground swimming pool on steroids.  In many way it reminds me of my Dads '55 Packard, they are built the way things use to be, made to last. The point is, the construction of these pools is so heavy duty that you can use it any way you need to. Bury it like an inground, stick it in the side of a hill, and make a semi inground out of it, or built it on top of the ground. Have piece of mind, this will stand up to all of the abuse. So what do you call it?

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Every year I get a couple of calls from people with collapsed above ground swimming pools.  Most of the time it is caused from excess dirt that was backfilled around the pools because the ground was off level. And for what ever reason the water got out of the pool and the mud/dirt caved in the wall..  Harsh winds and an empty pool will also collapse a pool. The pool to the left collapsed because they took to much water out of the pool to winterize it and a heavy snow on the winter cover pulled all of the walls in.  The point being is this will never happen with a deckpool.  
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